I normally start with a phone call. The objective would be to help me find out a bit more about you and what you want to achieve. I can explain a bit about the details of some administrative things like confidentiality and bookings. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions and see how you feel about working with me. The call would last around 30min and is free of charge. However if you’d prefer to start with an initial face to face session, that’s fine. I’d charge £25 for an introductory session.

Sessions last from 50 - 60min.

My office is in Cathedral Rd., Cardiff

The charge is £50 per session.

I'm willing to have a discussion if you think you're not able to pay the full amount.

Video Counselling

You just need a browser, which all computers have, and then to click the link I send you. That will take you to my 'waiting room' then I'll do the rest. Unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong, although I've rarely experienced it and we may need a backup plan. Phones are usually pretty reliable so we could the phone to resolve any issues.